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Whether you’ve stumbled across my site by search or chance, welcome! I’m an independent author of contemporary romance across multiple subgenres. I love the written word and when I’m not writing, I’m usually reading. I’m still very new to self publishing, but the characters in my head are chomping at the bit for their stories to be told. So, more books are in my future.

Thank you for stopping by! Read below for synopsis of my books currently available at most major E-book retailers.

Christmas Candy

Contemporary, Holiday Romance

Candace ‘Candy’ Hampton had a problem; one she was determined to fix. Tired of being the butt of family jokes regarding her skills in the kitchen, she takes her bestie-cousin’s advice and signs up for a cooking class at the local culinary academy. What happens when she shows up for the first class was enough to make her think about never returning. He’s there, Kenneth Holmes, the secret service agent and Frost family friend was the instructor.  Not only had he infiltrated her family gatherings, he was in her path to her learning the culinary skills she lacked.

Kenneth couldn’t believe his luck when Candy walked into his classroom. Not many knew he was a trained chef aside from those closest to him. Having Candy’s curvy body in such close proximity gave him the opportunity to interact with her away from the prying eyes of her family.

Thrown together on Kenneth’s turf, he taps into parts of her she didn’t know existed—and she can’t seem to resist him. In the midst of the sparks flying between them, Candy is determined to achieve her goal while Kenneth is determined to win her heart. The heat between them rivals a boiler, but is it enough?  Is there more cooking in the kitchen than savory meals?


Romantic Suspense, Medical Romance

Stephanie Barker is making her way through life just fine.  She’s a successful business owner and devoted mother to the niece she adopted.  She fills her days with the things she loves and the people who bring her joy.  At least that’s what she thinks until traumatic circumstances bring Dr. Jian Anderson into her orbit.  Stephanie has held everything around her together for so long, what happens when she meets someone who wants to hold, support and protect her?  Does she have room for a romantic love, or will she continue to take on the world alone?

Jian Anderson has a thriving career as the top Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Talbot Memorial Hospital.  He’s not looking for a relationship.  He’s quite happy with his bachelor lifestyle.  That is until the night a horrific event brings Stephanie into his hospital and his skills are needed to help someone she loves.

Terrible conditions bring them together, but the fire that ignites between them is undeniable.  When the danger they thought was over threatens their cocoon of happiness, can they navigate the threat?  Can they trust in what they’ve built together or will tragedy tear them apart?

Draft Pick

Contemporary, Sports Romance (Kindle Vella)

Alyssa Ripley and Carver Jamieson met in college through her best friend, who just happened to be Carver’s girlfriend. When he was drafted into the NFL, they left one another’s orbit. Years have past and circumstances have changed since they last saw one another. He’s no longer dating her best friend nor is he a starting quarterback in the NFL. And…They’re both very much single. When Carver lands a coaching job in the city Alyssa calls home, can he also land a place in her heart?


Paranormal/Shifter Novel

Rahm Monteparse was content with his life as the alpha of the Central Valley Pack.  He didn’t want, nor did he need a mate.  That is until fate takes over and leads him to a woman who stirs something within him he didn’t know was there.  The beast inside knows immediately that she’s meant for him.

Carleeta Taiwo had her life all planned out.  Everything was going well.  At least it was until she met the big broody shifter who turns her world upside down and exposes a secret her family had never told her.  A secret that poses a potential threat to Carleeta once she moves onto pack lands.

Once the two are joined, sparks fly and nature doesn’t allow either to walk away from the other.  They are bound as one.  Forever.  When their journey as mates begins, more secrets are uncovered as they determine how to blend their lives.

Can Rahm find his path to being the mate Carleeta needs?  Can Carleeta adjust to life among shifters as she’s learning to live with her family heritage?  When their future is placed in jeopardy by the threat to Carleeta, how will they make it through?

Sano’s Queen

A Novella, Sports Romance

Basketball is Kari Frost’s life and livelihood. As a professional basketball player with the Atlanta Fantasy, and a three-time Olympian, she’s achieved heights of which many in her sport can only dream. Knowing the demands of performing at such high levels, she’s decided the Tokyo Olympics will be her last time participating as a player in the games. However, that final aspiration is jeopardized by injury. Her career as a professional athlete and Olympian hang in the balance.

Dr. J. Daisuke Sano is the team physician for the Atlanta Harriers men’s professional basketball team. He’s always been there, watching over Kari and her teammates from the sidelines—until she needs him for something far more important than a few scrapes and bruises. Will he be the person who has to tell her that her career is over? If so, he runs the risk of never being more than a concerned pseudo friend watching her from the periphery of her life. Is that a chance he’s willing to take? Will he help her fulfill her dream or end her Olympic hopes? Can their relationship survive the answer to those questions?

For Real

Debut Novel, Chance Meeting Romance

For Driscoll Kelly being a man of action, and few words, has served him well as he worked his way through the ranks of the Secret Service, landing a coveted position on the detail of the First Family.  Making the decision to change his trajectory, he moved to a division chief position in a location right outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  He’s settled into his life and his role as a protector.  A visit to his home town of San Diego, California puts him on a path he hadn’t considered taking, but once he’s on it, he can’t turn away.

Banker and audit specialist, McKenna Frost has finally reached a time in her life where she’s where she wants to be professionally – even if she doesn’t have much going on in the way of a love life.  With the support of her loving family and sister circle, she recovered from the disastrous end of a relationship she found was nothing but a house of cards.  Deciding to take a break from the demands of her job, she and her friends plan a week-long get away in sunny San Diego, California.

A chance meeting in the airport brings the two together for a short rescue mission that leads to an opportunity.  Will the circumstances that connected them be enough to keep them on a path together?  What happens when the two are faced with obstacles from the past?  Can Driscoll open up enough for McKenna to have a place in his organized life?  Can McKenna get beyond past hurts to allow room for love?